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Augment your MLS with real-time networking

The MLS is a critical part of the real estate technology ecosystem but it has a void. There are no real-time communication and networking features. The MLS is a powerful listing tool, but it does not provide the capability to build real-time conversations with other agents, nor make it easy to market across the social sphere. This has pushed agents into myriad other networks and groups and started to fragment agent communities at a time when cohesion more than ever is needed. 

HipPocket is here to change that. Offered to Realtor Associations as a turnkey solution to augment their MLS, HipPocket transforms real estate marketing and communication through a real-time networking experience tailored to the needs of today’s mobile agent workforce.

Real estate marketing today is chaotic and involves too many communications channels

One network. One conversation. Every agent welcome

The timing is right for a new agent-only network

The MLS we have today was born when database technology had reached a point that it was able to a deliver a far superior experience to the real estate community and to clients than paper based listing books. 

We have now reached a new inflection point. Communications and social networking technologies can now deliver an experience that can significantly improve how real estate agents market to and communicate with each other.

Just as Realtor Associations recognized the need for a new electronic listings service, the timing is right to recognize that the real estate community is craving a new way to collaborate and communicate.

HipPocket for Associations is a turnkey solution for Realtor Associations who want to transform how their community works together. 

  • For Associations that want to increase the efficiency and productivity of their members. 
  • For Associations that want to create a unique agent-only environment that can give their members a competitive advantage over Zillow and 
  • For Associations that want to show their members that they have recognized that their day-to-day lives have changed dramatically and that they need new tools to help them be successful.
  • For Associations that want to increase the value of their membership offering.

The MLS’s missing link: Real-time Communication


by James Bohan-Pitt, CEO & Co-Founder of HipPocket


Mobile Business Networking vs Social Networking

Real estate agents do not need another social network. HipPocket is a B2B (Business-to-Business) networking platform that takes inspiration from the social networks but does not try to clone them. 

Agents interact with each other through a real-time activity feed that showcases the most recent active listings and client needs versus a more traditional search focused experience like the MLS.

Agents can build real-time conversations around active listings and needs, and receive push Notifications to ensure they do not miss an important question or piece of feedback.

Social networks have made off-MLS marketing very attractive to many agents. Even if their MLS offers them a "Coming Soon" status, many agents find it easier to generate buzz outside the MLS. 

  • They can build conversations with many agents and prospects in real-time. 
  • They keep clients happy as the home is not available to city tax officials and appraisers, nor on the market thereby starting the time-to-sale clock.

The real estate community as a whole though is unable to equally participate as they do on the MLS. 

With off-MLS marketing becoming more engrained everyday, how can an Association combat this change? 

By offering their membership a more compelling solution. A platform that is tailor-made for real-time agent-to-agent networking around off and on-MLS homes and needs.

Off-MLS + On-MLS = More visibility of the market

Benefits of an HipPocket powered agent network

  • Off-MLS and on-MLS listings can be combined in HipPocket. A unified platform powering real-time networking around on and off-MLS homes.
  • Agents would meet their fiduciary responsibility to expose their listings to the widest agent audience during both off-MLS and on-MLS marketing phases.
  • Built-in integrations to social networks and to text and email services help reduce the time agents spend marketing to their followers, clients and prospects.
  • Agents would be able to instantly communicate in real-time with listing agents of on-MLS (as well as off-MLS) homes something the MLS does not offer.
  • The network would be the only fully endorsed off-MLS marketplace by the Association and the listing agreement would reflect that. 

Rapid data entry

With fewer fields than the MLS, it takes less than 3-minutes to enter a pre-MLS (Coming soon) post. Members can kickstart marketing right from the moment their client signs the listing agreement. Simply snap a few pictures, enter some basic information, and start getting the word out immediately. 

Market Buyer Needs

Members can post Buyer Needs to attract contact from agents with listings they may not have started to market yet.

Social Network Marketing Assistant

Often agents will spend hours posting their off or on MLS listing to their social networks. They are forced to upload the same photos and descriptions across multiple channels. HipPocket helps  agents get their time back. They can share professional listing webpages of their own posts into their favorite social networks and groups, and to clients and prospects by Text and Email. Simply press the Share button and pick the channel they want to use.

Real estate agents are often buried in email. Notifications instead alert agents of new and updated listings and needs. 

Notifications vs Emails

Filter feed to stay focused

Members can choose to filter out postings based on MLS Area Name/Code, post type (e.g. For Sale or Buyer Need) and price range. Filtering changes the Notifications members receive too, ensuring they are only notified of the most relevant posts. Compared to traditional social networks that are generally a firehose of postings, a curated feed that is highly relevant is very attractive to many agents.

Instantly contactable

Today real estate agents keep a Rolodex or a Contacts List in their phones of agents they like to contact frequently, or the log into the MLS to retrieve the contact information. 

HipPocket allows an agent to be contacted directly through a “Contact” button on their posts or through their Profile. One button to take the conversation private, instantly.

Mobile and Multi-Platform

The user experience is designed around the mobile demands of today’s real estate agents, operating across multiple platforms e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android* and web browser*

*Web Browser and Android Browser compatible version of HipPocket available now. Android App due in 2017.

Support is built in

Members can ask us anything. We accept questions 24/7 and often turn around answers in under an hour.

Private Brokerage Groups 

Realtor Associations have the opportunity to partner with HipPocket to offer brokerages in their community the HipPocket for Real Estate Brokerages service as well, generating a new source of revenue for the Association.

Real estate brokerages also have communication struggles within their teams. HipPocket for Real Estate Brokerages offers brokerages the option of creating their own private group in HipPocket, accessible only by their agents. Posts have a time limit in the group before they are posted to the open community.

Learn more about HipPocket for Real Estate Brokerages


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