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Build your own pre-MLS marketing network 

We've built HipPocket to help real estate agent communities collaborate more effectively.  Built from the ground up to blend a lightweight listing service with familiar social networking technologies, HipPocket is designed to give real estate agents their own agent-only pre-MLS marketing network to market homes to the most important people—agents just like them.

For Apple iPhone users

  • Press "Download on the App Store" button
  • Open HipPocket.
  • Press the ORANGE "Create new account" button. 
  • Enter the data into the fields requested.
  • Press the ORANGE "Create new account" button again
  • Wait for approval email, then open app.

    For Google Android & Computer users

    • Press “Signup”.
    • Enter the data into the fields requested.
    • Press the ORANGE "Create new account" button.
    • Wait for approval email, then login at

    We will release a Google App in 2017. In the interim you can use from your Android browser.

      Invite your agent network to meet you in HipPocket and start generating leads for free from your agent community. Post For Sale "Coming soon" listings and Buyer Needs needs to get the word out fast to your community.

      Build an agent-only referral network


      Start a conversation

      Skip the repetitive texts and emails. Build a conversation in real-time for your agent community to participate in, and do it off-email in a channel 100% dedicated to doing real estate deals.

      Share everywhere

      Press "Share" on your For Sale and Buyer Need posts to share them by Text, Email, Social Networks and Facebook Groups.  Share properties marketed by other agents to your clients by Text and Email.

      Professional listing webpages

      Every listing built in HipPocket can be shared as a professional listing webpage. Share listings by Email and Text, to Social Networks, and to Facebook Groups. 

      In addition to leaving a comment on anyone's post, if you want to privately speak to an agent, press the "Contact" button on their post and contact them by email, text and phone.

      Connect instantly

      Filter your feed to stay focused

      Press the "Filter Feed" button at the top of the posting feed to personalize your feed. Choose to filter out postings based on the type of post and price range, and in some cases, by Areas* too.

      *HipPocket includes Area Names and Codes for some communities. If Areas are not an option for you, but you do have access to your MLS Area codes and names and would like them in the app, please email the list to HipPocket Support

      Private Brokerage Groups

      Increase collaboration and engagement between agents in your brokerage . Communicate through a private, off-email channel that connects them 24/7. Create your own private in-broker listing and messaging network and close more deals with your colleagues.

      Learn more about HipPocket for Brokerages

      One button invitations

      Press the invite button ("Person Plus" icon) in the top left of the posting feed to invite your agent network by Text or Email to meet you in HipPocket. Build your own pre-MLS marketing network and start marketing instantly to people who represent 87% of buyers and 89% of sellers—agents just like you.

      We provide a Support channel inside the app under the "Support" button. Press the button top left inside the Support page to send us a question or provide feedback, good or bad. We're here to help. You can also email HipPocket Support too.

      Support is built in

      Keeping HipPocket up to date

      We have lots more features in development so don't forget to turn on "Automatic Downloads" for apps on your iPhone to guarantee you always have the latest and greatest version of HipPocket on your phone. Go to your Settings on your iPhone and selection "iTunes & App Stores". Swipe the "Apps" button to the right to automatically update the HipPocket app.

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