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There is no better feeling than knowing that you are at home - Whether your home is an apartment, loft, or house, this is special kind of place meant just for you. We have a selection of great search tools for finding Dallas apartments for rent, Uptown Dallas apartments, Dallas homes for rent and Dallas lofts. We invite you to utilize our hassle-free web-based search for the next place you call home.

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Split Our Commission - Get Cash When You Rent!

Everyone needs a special place to call home. Split Our Commission offers a unique real estate service to Dallas residents looking for Dallas apartments for rent. We have made it our goal to help you find your dream apartment. After all, your lifestyle demands a great place to call home and finding such a place takes time, organization, and of course, money.

At Split Our Commission, we appreciate that everyone is on a tight budget these days. We also know how moving into a new Dallas apartment can cost a huge chunk of change. With required deposits, mover fees, utility hookup fees, etc. the costs really add up. In response to the high cost of moving, SOC Realty provides a unique rental program to help our clients secure Dallas apartments for Rents within a budget that works for everyone. When our clients use SOC Realty as a referring agent to lock-in your next apartment, SOC Realty will split the commission with you once you're in your new lease. It's that easy. The only thing required is to list SOC Realty as your Referring Agent on your lease agreement and you'll get half of our commission.

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Searching for the Ideal Dallas Area Apartment

Dallas offers an amazing selection of neighborhoods and housing types within all price ranges. And honing your search down to just a few choices can be extremely overwhelming at times. Did you know that there are over forty neighborhoods within the Dallas metro area? With such a wide variety of choices, the options are literally endless and you are certain to find several Dallas apartments for Rent that would make a great home!

The first step to finding a good apartment is outlining a list of needs and wants for your new place. This will help you organize your thoughts and keep you on the right track once you really dig into the apartment search. Make sure the list is extensive enough to help you narrow your search. This list should include items such as size, bedroom and bathroom counts, parking options, and features you would like in the surrounding neighborhood. Most importantly, you'll need a budget in place before starting your search. The budget should include allowances for deposits, movers, and furnishing for your new place. If the list of costs becomes too great, don't fret - When you use SOC as your referring agent, we'll split our commission with you to help you cover some of the costs of moving.

Once you've completed your apartment needs list with your budget, it's time to find your new home! And our website is the perfect place to start your search. Our apartment rental directory is 100% up to date with current listings for all areas in the Dallas metro area. Once you've identified some Dallas apartments for rent that might be a fit, it's time to head out onto the streets. We recommend walking or driving through some potential neighborhoods first and see if they have the services and character you are looking for. Does the neighborhood have all the stores at which you like to shop? Are there any activities to do in the area? How about schools and banking institutions - Are there any in the neighborhood? These are all pieces to consider when hunting for the perfect apartment.

The next step in the hunt is finding the perfect apartment in the neighborhoods you like. In other words, it's time to seek out your new home. Knowing what you want before opening a single door is the best way to go. This is where the list you created earlier will really come into play. Knowing the details of what you want before you see any potential Dallas apartments will help you stay on the right track and not stray off course. This will ensure you only look at homes that meet your requirements, saving you time and gas money.

The last step is to make certain the apartment you chose actually feels like home. In other words, when you walk through the front door, do you get an overwhelming feeling of being home? Does your personality match the surrounding neighborhood? Having the perfect apartment means so much more than just a nice parking space and a special kitchen. It means looking forward to arriving home every single day after a long day at work and feeling absolutely wonderful while you're there.