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Deep Ellum is an entertainment and arts district in east Dallas, south of Bryan Place and north of Exposition Park. There are many Dallas homes for rent in Deep Ellum, and it's a very great location to live in, especially if you are searching for an area that is a little alternative to the norm. This trend-setting neighborhood is home to many up and coming musicians and artists, making it a colorful place to live.

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If you're interested in music and you're looking for Dallas homes for rent, Deep Ellum might just be the right place for you. There is an abundance of happening music venues in Deep Ellum, such as the Lizard Lounge, The Prophet Bar, The Door, Curtain Club, The Bone, The Liquid Lounge, and Sons of Hermann Hall. No matter what kind of music you are into, there is always a show right around the corner where you can enjoy talented and inspiring bands and musicians.

Also, if you're artistically inclined or just enjoy being among artists, there are many art galleries in Deep Ellum. With art galleries such as 500X Gallery, Kettle Art Gallery, Dahlia Woods Gallery, Nine Eyes Studio, Mutt Gallery, Blue Square Art Gallery, and many more, it is almost guaranteed that if whichever of the Dallas homes for rent you choose to live in in this neighborhood, there will be an art gallery within walking distance where you can go for inspiration.

If you would like to live in flourishing urban area, Deep Ellum may be the Dallas neighborhood for you to begin your search for Dallas homes for rent. Deep Ellum has many residential options to offer, such as converted warehouse spaces and traditional apartment complexes. There are many Dallas homes for rent to consider in Deep Ellum.

Deep Ellum is also the home of exciting events such as the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, which takes place every April. This is a free admission, three-day festival that features many visual artists showcasing and selling their works as well as over 90 original and unique bands and performers. The Deep Ellum Arts Festival is sure to be a fun event that residents look forward to all year long.

One of the options is the Deep Ellum Lofts, located on Commerce Street. These are three historic warehouse buildings that have been converted into upscale lofts. They offer many amenities such as a rooftop terrace, secure entry gate for controlled access, full size dryers and washers, a luxurious pool, and ceiling heights up to 16 feet. Also, they are conveniently located within walking distance to many of the exciting shops, restaurants, bars, and music venues that Deep Ellum has to offer.

Another option for Dallas homes for rent in Deep Ellum is the luxurious duplexes at 3012 Canton. These housing units offer private garage parking as well as a beautiful private court yard. This is a great option for luxury living in Deep Ellum that might just fit your lifestyle.

If you are looking for Dallas homes for rent in a pedestrian-friendly area of Dallas, Deep Ellum may be the choice for you. Deep Ellum has many areas which are perfect for walking around, especially on Main Street, Commerce Street, and Elm Street. If you do drive around Deep Ellum, though, parking is cheap and easy to find with many off-street parking lots and several other on-street metered parking spaces.

It's very easy to get around in this vibrant and artistic neighborhood, and there is always something unique and original to experience. If you're looking for a unique place to live and express your individuality, you should definitely look into the Dallas homes for rent in Deep Ellum.