Uptown Dallas Apartments

Imagine entering your new Uptown Dallas apartment after a long day at work, sinking into your favorite arm chair and knowing that you are HOME. You feel comfortable, safe, and excited to be in your new home. At SOC Realty, we help people just like you find the apartment of their dreams each and every day. Whether you are hunting for Uptown Dallas apartments, Dallas homes for rent, Dallas apartments for rent, or Dallas lofts you are in the right place.

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Get Paid To Rent Your Uptown Dallas Apartment

You deserve the best Uptown Apartments that Dallas has to offer and our goal is to help you find one that not only fit your lifestyle, but also your budget. Split Our Commission is a unique real estate agency that offers a rental program to help you get paid to lease your dream apartment.

Moving into Uptown Dallas Apartments can be expensive, and no one understands this better than SOC Realty. We know that everyone has a tight bank account these days, and there are lots of costs associated with moving. From security and pet deposits to movers and gas, relocating to a new place is a pricey affair. But not to worry, Split Our Commission is here to help cover some of those costs.

All you have to do is use SOC Realty as your referring agent when you secure your next Uptown Dallas Apartment and we will send you a check for half the commission we receive from the referral. It's just that simple. Write us down in your lease, report it to us and we'll send a check to you.

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Finding the Ideal Uptown Dallas Apartment

Before starting your search for Uptown Dallas apartments, spend a couple of minutes compiling a list of your wants and needs for your new place. This will keep you organized and also help you cross the homes off your list that are likely to not be a good fit. Your list of desires should contain your needed square footage for the home, bedrooms, bathrooms, parking options, and of course, neighborhood characteristics, such as proximity to shopping, work, and schools. Most importantly pay close attention to your budget. The budget for your upcoming move should include a security deposit, one month's rent, mover fees, and extra cash for furnishing Uptown Dallas Apartments. And if the numbers start to add up to quickly, don't worry - By engaging SOC Realty as your referring agent, you'll some extra cash headed your way once the lease is signed!

Now that you've outlined exactly what you are looking for, it's time to search for Uptown Dallas apartments! And the SOC Realty website is the perfect place to start your search. Our apartment directory is 100% current and updates several times a day, ensuring that you are only searching active apartment listings. Once you've identified some options, it's time to check out the neighborhoods in person. Drive or walk through the various neighborhoods and see if they might be a good fit for your needs and personality. Is there shopping nearby? Does the neighborhood have the social activities you like? What about schools - are there facilities within walking distance of the apartment? These are all considerations to take into mind when searching for Uptown Dallas apartments.

Once you've identified potential neighborhoods it's time to narrow your search to just a few options and see what is available. And now that you've outlined exactly what you want, the search should be relatively simple. Understanding your wants and needs before viewing potential apartments will keep you organized, focus, and will ultimately save you a ton of time. After all looking at homes that only meet your requirements means more time planning your move into your new apartment.

To help you in your search, we've taken several neighborhoods in the Dallas real estate area and provided brief descriptions below:

  • Southern Villas Apartments- Uptown Dallas apartments in Southern Villas are a great place to start your search for a new apartment and have a great reputation for its living areas.
  • Post Abbey Apartments - Located near everything good that happens in Uptown Dallas - Post Abbey Apartments are a great place to live if you have an active social life.
  • Cedar Springs Apartments- An incredible location, ideal for spending time outside with the family, Cedar Springs apartments in Uptown Dallas are a must see.
  • Post Vintage Apartments - Well known for its friendly neighborhoods, Post Vintage apartments in Uptown Dallas are a great way to live in an area with friendly and sociable neighbors